Exploring our Own Backyard

Springtime in Austin begins in January when the sunshine combined with pleasant temperatures means you better get outside while the going is good!  It reeks havoc on my need to nest and spring clean. But who wants to be tied up inside with all this gorgeous weather anyway?! The closets will wait. We got some explorin’ to do!

Being so much closer to all the action has made this spring that much more enjoyable. Adventures are only a bus ride or stroller walk away. Here are a few of our latest adventures in our very own backyard here in Austin.

Bus rides downtown to the MLK parade.



Park exploring near and far.



Stumbling into crazy art Keeping Austin Weird.


South By Southwest adventuring, which mostly means eating.


And right outside our front door, too. Just right for quick adventuring, while waiting for dad to come home.


Until that thermometer reaches 100 and awful degrees, we’ll stay in search of what new adventures Austin has to offer. I don’t believe we will ever tire of this backyard of ours, especially since no lawn mowing is required!


A Midwestern Summer

Best decision we made all year: spend 5 weeks in August relishing a Midwestern summer while missing 5 of the worst weeks of a Texas summer.

So how do you fill up 5 weeks away from home with two children? The short answer is a lot of sunshine, ice cream, and smiles. The long answer is found in a flurry of photos.

Four generations gather together for a great family reunion of my Grandfather and his siblings and their families.IMG_0764


A visit to Chicago and falling in love with that city all over again.

A birthday for cousins, celebrating 3, 1, and half years with birthday pancakes and splash pad fun.IMG_0785-2IMG_0788-2


A tea party in the garden (oh the things grandpas will do for their grandchildren.)



Soaking up every minute of the gorgeous sunshine, we practically lived outside from morning to night.IMG_0876



Going wild at the zoo.IMG_0912


Going on exploring adventures.

IMG_0970 IMG_0966

Celebrating the birthday, again.

And lots and lots of everyday fun with family.

IMG_0952 IMG_0953 IMG_0985

Happiness. Not many other words quite capture this trip. Just scrolling through these pictures I feel at peace. Exactly the retreat we needed to get us over the hump of the brutal Texas summer. It has been two months since we returned and we are just now experencing a true fall. But recharging with the amazing beauty of a Midwestern summer, and the endless love from family we don’t see often enough, my tank was filled. Where do I sign up again for next year?