Pantry – Before and After

This will likely be the least viewed post.  I mean, look at that title.  If you have even made it to this third sentence then I already thank you and you have done enough.  If you were hoping that a post entitled “Pantry – Before and After” might perhaps just maybe fingers crossed include a picture of my cute child in front of the pantry, then you were wrong.  No secrets here.  This is truly just a post about my pantry, before and after.  Just lost 75% of my readers.


Or maybe you are a little like me and are drawn like a car crash into seeing how disastrous someone else keeps their pantry and feel just a little bit better about your non alphabetized spice drawer.  No need for an after, you say, the before was enough for now.  There go about 15% more.



Now by this sentence I think I have now captured those who actually appreciate the beauty that mason jar storage can be.  I don’t know why it has taken me so long to do this.  Mason jars are so “in.”  It is not until you fill up those vessels and line them up by category that you truly can capture their beauty. Everything looks better in a jar with sunlight streaming through.  Nuts and dried fruits…


Grains and legumes…


And flours of all kinds…(does one need this many flours in their pantry?)


But in true before/after fashion, paint had to be involved.  Martha Stewart Aqua Blue Chalkboard paint to be exact.



I painstakingly painted multiple coats on the tops and rings of each mason jar.  It took me two naps.  It looks so lovely.  Then I tried using chalk on them and the paint chipped off and fell into my jars of flour and quinoa and pecans.  Fail.


But still, there is something about opening up a closet of well organized food that makes you want to bake, to simmer, to chop. Inspiration strikes when you can visualize what you have and what those ingredients can become.  A small but rewarding adventure.  For me, anyhow.

Oh fine…one picture of the girl.

ImageOk, maybe two.

IMG_4786Thanks for sticking with it and indulging me in this organization adventure.


3 thoughts on “Pantry – Before and After

  1. This is awesome. When I have a grown up pantry, I’m going to try to be this organized. Is C rockin’ an Addie shirt? Love that one.

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