Flashback Friday

December 11, 2015 – Partly Cloudy, 22°, Sunrise 10:05 a.m., Sunset 3:41 p.m., Total Snowfall 20.9″

I can squeeze in a Halloween post, right? I mean we still have 2 whole weeks until Christmas!

This was the first year that J really got into Halloween. We’ve done Boo at the Zoo the last 2 years, but never worried about a costume, and avoided the candy part! This year there was definitely more awareness with preschool, and a school party meant a costume.

One of my favorite things growing up was dreaming what my Halloween costume would be. My mom is a great seamstress, and she could make just about anything: Little Mermaid with customized tail and shell color, Glinda the Good Witch with a swimming inner-tube to make my dress poofy, a Manta Ray costume with lights, Can-Man.

I was excited to give J the same opportunity to dream, but it was funny introducing the idea to a 4 year old. Having not gotten into dress up, he really didn’t know what a costume was. I didn’t want to explain or suggest too much, because I wanted the idea to be his. After letting him ponder on it for a week or so he decided on Gordon, from Thomas and Friends, because Gordon is “the biggest and the best”.

Thanks to the wonders of Pinterest, I was able to construct a pretty good Gordon. My favorite part was making the suspenders out of duct tape. It fit great, and he loved zooming around the house in it!

I also made him a t-shirt, because I figured a preschool party wasn’t go to be very easy to navigate while wearing a large, cardboard box (and my year dressed up as a dice taught me that holding your arms out to your side for hours is not fun either!). I hope as the years continue I can keep up with the ideas he dreams up – it’ll be fun to make them come to life!

It was our first year to carve pumpkins too – and J LOVED it! He was all about pulling out the guts. He really wanted to cut the faces out, but I figured out I could cut the features and leave the pieces in place, then he had fun poking them out with his own butter knife. We made one for Halloween, and I think 2 in the week following – he couldn’t get enough. He started eyeing my pie pumpkins at Thanksgiving too!

My favorite part about Fall & Halloween though is going to the Reindeer Farm. M wasn’t able to make it this year because he was working  nights, and I debated going because both boys were sniffling and tired from the Halloween excitement, but I’m so glad we did.


The farm is open all year, but we’ve only ever gone at Halloween. It’s our third year going, and feels like a tradition now – a send off to Fall. With N now walking, it was fun to watch both boys run around, watch with wonder as we rode the tractor to the back field and navigate the hay maze. J definitely remembered the potato launching and was excited to try it again.

I captured one of my favorite pictures of them yet, on the adorable reindeer barrel train (of which N rode one lap, and then started to cry – but he was all smiles at the start!).


I love the memories we’re making, and how each year seems to build a little bit more on the year before.


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