Tales of Christmas Past

IMG_2251I’m chuckling as I write this as I noticed that the previous post on this blog by Anchorage Mama was a throwback to Halloween in December. So it only seems fitting that I am sharing my Christmas 5 weeks later. You see, when you are busy living out adventures with your family, you sometimes forget to pause and remember where you have been.IMG_2188

This Christmas marked our first season in our new home. Which meant equal parts excitement and stress. New spaces to decorate! Yay! Oh no, I don’t have a place for this/that/and the other thing. Uh oh.

I take Christmas decorating seriously. Who is surprised by this? But this year many of the plans that filled up my planner and Pinterest boards did not make it into action. However, in the season of forgiveness, I let that go. For now. Instead, I made a wish list for next year, when maybe I will have a little bit more time. Now knowing my space and what I have to work with, I can plan ahead a little bit better. Since we travel so much during Christmas, I like to spend as much of December just enjoying all of the joys and magic of the season leaving the prep work for November (maybe even August! I can’t think of a better way to spend hibernation from the sun than prepping for Christmas!)

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With a limited time to stare at my tree, I soaked up every day with those magical twinkling lights reading all of the books and listening to all of the music and snuggling my little ones in all of the 8 different pairs of Christmas pajamas (I kind of have a thing for Christmas PJs.) It was just about the most magical part of our season so I’m glad I did.

photo 1

The rest, however, is a bit of a blur. Caroline came down with a rough cough the minute we pulled out of the driveway headed north for Christmas. This turned into a double ear infection, spreading germs to her brother (and other family members), a series of medicines, little sleep, constant fluids, and overall exhaustion among all members of our family until we pulled back up to our house.Christmas time with children is supposed to be magical and heartwarming but I just could not focus on any of that. I wanted to climb into my own bed, make plans to put away every last sign of Christmas and press the refresh button. And so I did.photo3photo4photo6

But then a few photos were sent my way, a reminder of a small photo shoot we did with Mike’s family on Christmas Eve (Special thanks to Sam Lupo Photography in Akron, OH!). Caroline was on day 2 of antibiotics and Elliott was on day 1 of snot central. I had low expectations for the results. But these pictures, the smiles, the precious looks on their faces-they were there all along, but I, the caretaker, forgot about the magic, the love, the joy that is still there on a child’s face, in their hearts. And then inspired to see my own photos I saw that, yes, we were all tired and feeling general yuckiness, but Christmas did not skip over our home that year. When I look at these images I see Grandparent snuggles and cousin bath time and the wonderment of Christmas morning and the first look of snow. Suddenly the Ghosts of Christmas past are not as scary as I remembered. IMG_2272IMG_2341IMG_2439IMG_2445So many images captured to remind me of this year. I am so glad we have Christmas, year after year after year, to bring us back to the joy amidst the ick. That was how the Christmas story began, after all.

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Oh but wait! How could I forget about the Tale of Two Mamas (and honorary members) reunion!new years

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all us at A Tale of Two Mamas!




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