A Winter Escape

IMG_3273The winter days of sunshine and 70 degree afternoons were just too much for us. When we couldn’t take it any longer we bought the fastest ticket out of town and made a break for better days. Because who wouldn’t want to spend February in the Midwest?

Texans thought we were crazy. When we said we were leaving because Mike was going to go skiing, their faces brightened a bit in relief. “Oh yes, we take a vacation every year to go downhill skiing, too.” But when we mentioned there would be no downhill skiing but instead the classical sport of cross country skiing, the puzzled faces returned. In all honesty, I thought it was a bit nuts too. But Mike was determined.IMG_3160IMG_3163 My family participates in the American Birkiebeiner, the countries largest cross country skiing marathon at 54 kilometers for classical skiers. Mike made his maiden voyage 3 years ago when we still lived in Chicago. But this year, when his annual conference was scheduled in Chicago for the next day after the Birkie, it was too good to pass up. So we packed up our whole family for a few days in Wisconsin for winter adventures in Hayward Wisconsin in a cozy lodge surrounded by snow on the outside and family on the inside. IMG_3148In the middle of all that, we celebrated Elliott making a full circle around the sun with Migas for dinner and a giant donut cake for breakfast. We sang, he stuffed himself with cake. It was simple but special because we were surrounded by the ones we love. You can’t ask much more for a first birthday.IMG_3138IMG_3137IMG_3185IMG_3192IMG_3198We finished off our Midwest escape in the Windy city. After a few days of work for Mike and play for the rest of us, we found our selves stranded in Chicago for a couple extra days. We could have complained, but with an incredible backyard of this amazing city to play in and fancy roof over our heads at the Palmar house, we made the best of our impromptu extended vacation. IMG_3279IMG_3277IMG_3268IMG_3266IMG_3261IMG_3256IMG_3247IMG_3238IMG_3231IMG_3301How ironic that our family made a run for a winter adventure in the snowy Midwest while Alaska Mama and her family just returned from their escape to a summery adventure in Hawaii. Just goes to show you adventures can be found where ever life takes you.

Where did your winter adventures take you?




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