The Big Easy Escape

IMG_4148What a trip. It is 7 AM but just looking at these pictures makes me suddenly hangry for a catfish po’ boy, a bowl of spicy gumbo, a tangy bloody mary, a giant vat of jambalaya, polished off with a few beignets, just because.

I won’t go into full detail on this trip. The pictures say it all. And the fact that it was a no kids trip means it was fabulous, no matter what happened. I posted a fun video on Raise & Shine. But then of course, I also took a few photos. Because I just couldn’t get over the colors everywhere.

I would write a few travel recommendations but honestly I used travel guides from other sources and they were spot on. As Mike put it, I was batting a thousand all weekend. Check out these two sites for your next Nawlins getaway.

A Beautiful Mess New Orleans Travel Guide

The Austinites Guide to Having a Grown Up Time in New Orleans

If I were to highlight favorites it would be the Bloody Mary Bywater neighborhood walk, Cane and Table for cocktails (we just missed happy hour but the prices looked great and the drinks were fabulous), Chickie Wah Wah for local music, and Magazine street for shopping, which we only checked out for lunch on our last day but I wished I had found sooner. Also, we brought our bikes which was so much fun and so easy.  Until my back tire was ripped off in broad daylight on a busy street. Not cool. I drowned my sorrows in another cocktail. All is forgiven.

New Orleans you were fabulous. Until next time…



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