Spring again


I’ll never tire of a Texas Spring.

The gorgeous gorgeous flowers. Their smells. The splashes of color. The hunt to find the next best patch of bluebonnets.

We headed out to McKinney Falls State Park as soon as we got word the wild flowers were in full bloom. Unfortunately we were a day late as we visited the Monday after a beautiful Easter weekend. Our favorite photo spot was overworked so they didn’t put on the spectacle we were hoping. None the less, Caroline spun around the fields starring in her very own version of the Sound of Music. IMG_3775IMG_3776IMG_3782IMG_3784IMG_3794IMG_3810

Unfortunately Elliott was not joining her in the merriment. Poor sister tried so hard to cheer him up.IMG_3816IMG_3817IMG_3819IMG_3821

We brought the spring colors to our Easter table as well, especially with that almost too beautiful to eat Rhubarb and Toasted Almond Cake.

But I have to say my most favorite part of the season will always be what blows in from the North in search of sun. And grandchildren time.IMG_4236IMG_4239

What a special spring it has been having my parents here. From Easter to my birthday and every celebration in between, we cherished so much of their time. They soaked up every moment they could get with the kids which is so precious when living so far away. I was treated with afternoons off, time away with Mike, and the birthday pasta I used to ask for every year as a child. I can’t think of a better way to spend these glorious spring days.




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