Final Spring Visitors

img_4905I was working on our fall calendar and realized for the first time in three years, our fall will be void of visitors. Although it is nice to not be over scheduled, I always look forward to hosting and exploring this cool city with visitors, and also getting extra hugs from family and freinds we miss.

It reminded me too that I have not yet shared the last visits we had to close out our Spring Visiting Season of 2016. And because beach scenes and cute babies cannot go un-shared, I bring you a throw back nearly 4 months ago. If you are already sipping your pumpkin beverages and wrapping up in scarfs, may this be a reminder to you of what will be waiting for you when you return to the other side of a rough winter.

First off, my sister and her nephew came to visit. You might think that between my sister and I and our love of the camera lens we would have a slew of award winning photos to share with you documenting the epic experience. Unfortunately, with the chaos of three small ones, somehow we managed to take only a handful of photos and all on the phone. So I threw a filter on it and we’ll call it good. Because it was and that’s all that matters.

Next up, Nana and Papa and a trip to the beach! that I had no trouble capturing a dump of photos. Because there isn’t much else cuter than little ones at the beach.


And then a few final photos of  friends and their growing up too fast baby Henry (who is now one!) sneaked a visit in toward the end of June when summer was good and hot but the pool was still a novelty. It was difficult to get my chance of Henry time, as Caroline took over pseudo big sister role.


If you wondered how we possibly can host in our humble two bedroom abode, let me reassure you that it can be done, we love to feel cozy, and we hope you feel welcome to join us soon!


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