That Epic Summer Bucketlist 2016

img_6169I’m learning in my few short years as a Texan that fall is a matter of hopes and dreams.  It really only makes its first honest appearance right around the time the turkeys are pulled from the shelves. And just as you feel you can finally enjoy that pumpkin spice cozy, you realize the rest of the world is moving right along to the season of Light.

I love the fresh start to a new season. I am typically the one to jump the gun on the first PSL in August. As much as I resist the urge to turn the dial to Christmas music before the turkey is out of the oven, I just can’t help myself but to hum a few Christmasy tunes in mid November as I begin the list making. And I probably pull out the swimsuits a little too early every year when I’m ready by March. Pace yourself, I always try to remember. Summer is VERRRRRRRRy long. But the anticipation and planning gets the better of me each year.

But I have also learned the importance of giving a proper farewell to the season that is passing. The gathering and sorting of each and every memory is the most fulfilling way to practice this ritual.

Summer 2016 in the Austin Mama house will go down as one of my favorites and not just because of our adventures. This was the summer I truly embraced for what it was instead of wishing it away or hibernating until “Fall.” The attitude change made all the difference. A message for summer living as well as life.

This was the summer for…

Learning to cook new food, like pasta making.



First Puddle jumping.img_5920img_5918img_5906

Tea parties with siblings.img_5897img_5894img_5868

Homemade donut making. And eating.img_5837img_5854

Our favorite watering hole on a hot day.img_5442img_5435img_5421img_5417img_8688

Adventures around the city. Like the Sculpture Garden.img_5366img_5336img_5299

Our pool. On repeat.img_5255

Sidewalk chalking.img_5242img_5234img_8285

Lots and Lots of artistry.img_8498img_5204img_8459img_6095

Symphony serenaded picnics downtown. img_5056img_5047img_5038img_5015

Learning our letters.img_8149

Walks and runs (yes RUNS!) around the neighborhood. Not shown, podcasts listening.img_8379

Pizza inhaling at our neighborhood pizza joint.img_8410

Big sister helping early walker.img_8485

Taking first steps to reach the water, and then running after that.img_8469

Climbing to new heights.img_8488

Cultural Adventures.img_8523

Patio Play.img_8558

Baseball game watching. And brave mascot greeting.img_8575img_9531img_9535

Father Honoring.img_8636

Ice Cream eating, naturally.img_8876

Festivals and Face Painting at Children’s Art Parkimg_8933img_8935

Family Biking (and napping).img_9013

Date Night SUPing.img_9034

Classic Diner Dining.img_9096

Rainbow Snow Cone-ingimg_9317img_9327


Celebrating Fourimg_9512img_9444img_9445img_9447img_9458img_9473img_9486img_9511

First Chapter Book Reading.img_9523


Good Putting skills learning.img_9580

Capital Lawn Picnicing.img_9589All of the splash pads. Again, on repeat.img_6117img_6106img_9279img_9325

Not sure how we’ll ever top this summer. If that joy-filled face is any indication, I think summers can only get better!

Goodbye Texas Summer. Hello Texas “Winter.” We’re ready for you.



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